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The Best Line-Up of Investment Advocates

Since 2013, IOCT has been one of top few Investment Channels in Japan. Packed with coaches and consultants from different investment fields to build the ultimate team leading you towards your investment goals. Financial freedom is no longer a dream when you join our team and work out the investment portfolio that is tailored for you.

Tanaka Kentaro our founder had been in the investment field over the past two decades. With his strong all-rounder investment knowledge, coupled with our team of experts from each investment fields, IOCT the definitely the number one choice for you to start your investment journey with.

Takahashi Renzo our co-founder is one of the best examples whom leaps from a day-to-day office boy to now a multi-million properties investor. Together with the rest of our team, we have worked out hundreds of different investment portfolio from our strategies developed through our team's bi-weekly brainstorming sessions.

With more and more professionals joining us, we are confident in maintaining our standards while growing.

We now have 98% success rate for more than 17,000 followers.

Our followers are growing in numbers everyday and we are working to expand our team further to serve you better.

Hesitate no more! Grab our fast-selling books to improve your investment knowledge or even join our courses and be the next followers to share your success stories with us.