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Financial Mining
-21 %
Investment Consultant: Watanabe Mieko
This 2 days short course aims to provides you with an insight on the use of financial tools to reduce expenditures and increase revenues. Watanabe Mieko designed the course to advocates the you with intelligent financial management and introduce you to unconventional approaches that helps to develop..
JPY22,000 JPY28,000
Growing Properties: In Numbers
-21 %
Investment Consultant: Takahashi Renzo
Investments in properties is the ideal option to diversify a portfolio while adding a hedge against market's volatility. Properties are not directly correlated to the market so when your stocks fluctuates, having the right property investments can provide stability to your portfolio. There are vario..
JPY6,000 JPY7,600
Leaping Businesses
-10 %
Investment Consultant: Tanaka Kentaro
Detailed on why some companies go on to attain better results while others that seem to possess great potentials dwindle with time and are sidelined in the longer term.Tanaka Kentaro studied the companies to identify a similar patterns of companies that grew over time when measured with the stringen..
JPY7,650 JPY8,500
Property for Rental
Hot -12 %
Investment Consultant: Takahashi Renzo
Takahashi Renzo our very own real estate entrepreneur, pain-painstakingly designed this course specifically targeting on investments of property for rental. This course serves as a handy-guide to explain in details important for a property investor to understand about, in order to succeed in rental ..
JPY29,000 JPY33,000
Property's Growth, Grow your Properties
New -14 %
Investment Consultant: Takahashi Renzo
A course on how to build and grow wealth by investing wisely in propreties. This course is rated as one of the best general reads on property investments with some valuable lessons to be gleaned for property investors. This course covers less about specific strategies and more about how to develop a..
JPY24,000 JPY28,000
Trader's Trade
-30 %
Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
The course strives to provide investors with important stock market concepts including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), emerging market investments, derivatives, and more. Introducing investors on possible channels to build a balanced portfolio to match market's performance so as it is important for in..
JPY18,900 JPY27,000
Trading Options for You
New -30 %
Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
In a stock trading context, the term Greeks is referred to the various techniques applied to evaluate an option's position and determine how sensitive it is to fluctuations in price. For an instance, Delta is use to measure an option's price sensitivity in relation to the fluctuation in price of it'..
JPY22,400 JPY32,000
Volatile Trading Options
-10 %
Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
The book that professional traders often take reference from and pick up the finer points of options trading strategies. Even if you have just started out as a trader, you can definitely pick up plenty of useful information from the book, not limiting to management of risk effectively with options t..
JPY6,000 JPY6,700
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