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Ito Seiji

Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
"Advance Hedge Fund Traders" offers you slightly different take on options trading, and focuses extensively on how building your own options trading businesses. Written by our hedge fund expert Ito Senji with the involvement of the Investment Guru (Our founder) Tanaka Kentaro's insight, the book is ..
Investment or Gamble
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Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
If you fresh to stock market and are clueless about how to choose stocks wisely for your portfolio or what makes one stock better than another, than this course is made for you. Investment or Gamble as the title explains delves into the basics of how the stock market operates and the principles that..
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Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
This course aim to help you a more accomplished investor. Packed with the practical, hands-on guidance you need to choose your investments wisely, minimize your risk, and enter today's market with confidence-no matter your level of experience. It provides concise, clear answers to your most press..
The Intelligence for Investment
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Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
A classic book of filled with comprehensive details for beginning investor who's looking for traditional wisdom about how the stock market works and how to make the most out of it the market. This book is well focused on the concept of dollar-cost averaging and value investing, powerful strategies ..
Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
The course strives to provide investors with important stock market concepts including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), emerging market investments, derivatives, and more. Introducing investors on possible channels to build a balanced portfolio to match market's performance so as it is important for in..
Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
In a stock trading context, the term Greeks is referred to the various techniques applied to evaluate an option's position and determine how sensitive it is to fluctuations in price. For an instance, Delta is use to measure an option's price sensitivity in relation to the fluctuation in price of it'..
Investment Consultant: Ito Seiji
The book that professional traders often take reference from and pick up the finer points of options trading strategies. Even if you have just started out as a trader, you can definitely pick up plenty of useful information from the book, not limiting to management of risk effectively with options t..
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