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Takahashi Renzo

Investment Consultant: Takahashi Renzo
Growing Properties: Across National Boundaries is written for one whom have studied on the previous 2 volumes of this collection. It aims to provide you with insights on how one can invest in properties even aboard, away from your comfort zones even when you do not have millions of dollars in your b..
Growing Properties: In Numbers
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Investment Consultant: Takahashi Renzo
Investments in properties is the ideal option to diversify a portfolio while adding a hedge against market's volatility. Properties are not directly correlated to the market so when your stocks fluctuates, having the right property investments can provide stability to your portfolio. There are vario..
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Investment Consultant: Takahashi Renzo
When stock market becomes volatile, property investment offers some insulation against the ups and downs in which, these assets that are uncorrelated with the stock market down the histories. With multiple methods to invest in properties, not limiting to real estate investment trusts (REITs), crowd..
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Investment Consultant: Takahashi Renzo
Offering a different take as compared to rental property investments, a turnkey property does all the hard work for you. Properties have already been renovated or rehabbed with tenant already in place, all you have to do is to purchase the property and you are able to turn the key on rental income. ..
Property for Rental
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Investment Consultant: Takahashi Renzo
Takahashi Renzo our very own real estate entrepreneur, pain-painstakingly designed this course specifically targeting on investments of property for rental. This course serves as a handy-guide to explain in details important for a property investor to understand about, in order to succeed in rental ..
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Property's Growth, Grow your Properties
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Investment Consultant: Takahashi Renzo
A course on how to build and grow wealth by investing wisely in propreties. This course is rated as one of the best general reads on property investments with some valuable lessons to be gleaned for property investors. This course covers less about specific strategies and more about how to develop a..
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