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Growing Properties: Value

Growing Properties: Value
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Growing Properties: Value


When stock market becomes volatile, property investment offers some insulation against the ups and downs in which, these assets that are uncorrelated with the stock market down the histories.

With multiple methods to invest in properties, not limiting to real estate investment trusts (REITs), crowdfunding and direct ownership, Our multi-property millionare, Takahashi Renzo breaks down all the details that you require to own investment properties right inside the book. The book specifically covers different types of property investments, how to find yourself the best deals in the market, how to build wealth with your property investments in the long run and types of legal structure you will require prior to investments in properties as a business.

This is not the only book written by Ito Seiji on the subject of property investments by far, but it is the most in-depth and detailed guide tailored for a beginner to become familiar and confident in being a property investor.


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