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Investment Picks

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As you explore your options on the varieties for investments you have to learn how to coordinate them in a way that reflects your personal investment style, risk tolerance, investment goals and time horizon. "Investment Picks" offer advice on how to create the ideal asset mix favorable to your situations.

The course takes you on a holistic view that explores more than just what is in your investment portfolios and takes into account of all your different assets, including cash savings or even your home. This course focuses on four core modules namely, the history of investing, investing psychology ,investing theory and the business of investing.

Tanaka Kentaro, our founder will be taking the class and explains the four concepts clearly in the context and provide you with examples on how these four core concepts leads you to the choices of investments strategically to produce your ideal results.

  • Course Duration: Every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 weeks
  • Course Time: 7pm - 9pm
  • Prerequisite: Read and Comprehend Investment Picks for Beginners

Our courses always commence on the first applicable day of the month, otherwise we will notify you of the changes after your booking.


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