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Accounting and Accountabilities

Accounting and Accountabilities
Accounting and Accountabilities

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Accounting and Accountabilities provides you with an informal overview of what it takes to manage business efficiently and how each decision and action can potentially impact the performance of a business. In this course, Watanabe Mieko clearly advocates the fundamentals of intelligent financial management and can one benefits from managing understand a balance sheet well. Though the course might seem to focus on the balance sheet itself, it encompasses an unconventional approach to help develop an understanding of larger business dynamics as well. Watanabe Mieko explains clearly on the use of working capital effectively along with a stronger understanding on marginal costing, leverage and funds flow among all others.

  • Course Duration: Every Monday and Wednesday for 2 weeks
  • Course Time: 7pm - 9pm
  • Prerequisite: Fundamental knowledge on accounting

Our courses always commence on the first applicable day of the month, otherwise we will notify you of the changes after your booking.


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