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Property's Growth, Grow your Properties

Property's Growth, Grow your Properties
Property's Growth, Grow your Properties

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A course on how to build and grow wealth by investing wisely in propreties. This course is rated as one of the best general reads on property investments with some valuable lessons to be gleaned for property investors. This course covers less about specific strategies and more about how to develop a wealth mindset using properties as a focal point. The main takeaway of "Property's Growth, Grow your Properties", to generate passive income using property investments allowing you to build a portfolio that produces consistent returns, and makes you work smarter. If you're looking for motivation and inspiration as you ease into property investing, this course definitely serves you well for both.

  • Course Duration: Every Monday and Wednesday for 2 weeks
  • Course Time: 7pm - 9pm
  • Prerequisite: -

Our courses always commence on the first applicable day of the month, otherwise we will notify you of the changes after your booking.


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