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Investment Picks Crash Course

Investment Picks Crash Course
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Investment Picks Crash Course


Stocks, bonds and properties are definitely some of the more popular choices for new investors to create their portfolios, but there are much more choices to consider available for you that you may find even in your day to day life.

"Investment Picks Crash Course" is a 50 pages book packed with key notes of "Investment Picks for Beginners" which helps you explore what those choices can be and how to decide which alternatives or even combinations are the best fit for your personal investment strategies. The book explores more than 20 other alternatives to stocks, bonds, properties which includes options such as private equity, precious metals, consumables and annuities.

As the title suggests, Tanaka Kentaro have grouped and rated all these alternatives collectively to offer you a guidepost on what you should consider for for portfolios and what are the pitfalls to avoid. The book is definitely a good read for learning more about alternatives, exploring your options available and what are the pros and cons of these options if this is an area you would eventually explore in the future.


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