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Stocks Management Insiders
Stocks Management Insiders

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This course aim to help you a more accomplished investor. Packed with the practical, hands-on guidance you need to choose your investments wisely, minimize your risk, and enter today's market with confidence-no matter your level of experience.

It provides concise, clear answers to your most pressing stock-market questions, this course has been updated to address such timely issues as the role of exchange-traded funds, global investing, risk-adjusted returns, and the most effective ways to conduct online research and trading.

Items addressed in courses;

  • What stocks are, and why you should own them
  • How to use the Internet to develop buying and selling strategies
  • How fundamental and technical analysis can help you find undervalued stocks
  • What mutual funds are, how they work, and which are right for you
  • How stocks fit within the asset allocation framework
  • Trades to increase your safety during turbulent markets

By completing this course Takahashi Renzo ensures that you will be ready to start an investment portfolio.

  • Course Duration: Every Wednesday and Friday for 5 weeks
  • Course Time: 7pm - 9pm
  • Prerequisite: -


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